Welcome to the Embassy of Anaphoria Island.

Let us start with the "Where" called Anaphoria Island.

Anaphoria is here in front you, where many things remain hidden from us all.

The more sympathetic have found Anaphoria a metaphorical place, even a metaphor for the world. Being what is usually called 'real' explains why it is too restless to entertain itself as a utopia.

The less sympathetic call it a fabrication, yet all borders and territories are man-made, and the overlay of them on geographical features should not distract us from their falsehood.

Anaphoria is a fiction only in positioning itself to accommodate facts outside the possession of any elite philosophical monotheism. Anaphoria is a meta-culture domain, an island of exiles of the globally disintegrating remnants of what were once cultures, salvaged in what it sees as a natural demand.

It is both the well and hearth of these afterglows that shine in symbiotic dignity. We do not foresee some bland homogeneous consolidation in the future. We envision a commune that celebrates the turbulence inherent in the meeting of those culturally unrepeatable characteristics found outstanding in the post-cultural imagination.

Its concerns are horizontal, in a horizon that widens to reveal this visionary geography in opposition to an ascent of a linear time based progressionism which is regardless now somewhat uncertain.

The actions and activities within this territory strives beyond engaging in the trivial experiments laid forth by fashion or scientism. Its alchemy extracts from the cargo cults of our overheated urban centres overflowing with its overcooked goulash, a prima material that rises larger as the world sinks.

The Embassy of Anaphoria is here to promote the activites of its people.