"Cultural Resonances around the Globe"

THE SONIC SKY Steven James Taylor's docummentry on the World of Erv Wilson

CORPOREAL MEADOWS - The official Harry Partch Website

THE CHRYSALIS FOUNDATION - Cris Forster on instrument building, scales, and his corporeal music

THE HUYGENS-FOKKER FOUNDATION -European Center of Microtonal Music

EXPERIMENTAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - Bart Hopkins site and resources

SALAZAR FINE TUNING - A recommended tuner who has rescued and expanded upon some of the instruments of Anaphoria

HACKLEMAN SHOP - Scott Hackleman - Maker of the 19 tone clavichord

THE LAMBDOMA HOMEPAGE - Barbara Hero's examination of the Lambdoma and its implications

WARREN BURT- An important champion of algorithmic microtonal works and informed by the works of Erv Wilson

BILL ALVES - Includes his custom gamelan compositions and mandalic video works

WORLD HARMONY PROJECT- Denny Genovese's Center for Just intonational Activitites

METATONAL MUSIC Rod Sword - professional guitarist, microtonal luthier and author

INI ITU - Label representing Anaphorian works on vinyl

FOUTER & SWICK - Wonderful Musical Reviews from James Wyness

THE UATH-108 KEYBOARD - Our microtonal keyboard of the future


MUSIC OF TRANSPARENT MEANS - Alex Carpenter's group exploring parallel intonational applications

THE NOWNOW - Spontaneous Sound and film festival and other presentations

1/4 INCH - Aaron Hull's music series and music

DADSONICS - Phil Dadson's instruments compositions and installations

RON NAGORCKA - Composer, Didjeridu and Naturalist recordings

VOLKER STAUB - Visionary Composer whose work resonates with our island

SONIC SAFARIS - Chuck Jonkey's excursions into the Sonic Jungle

CHARLES LUCY - Contains some of Wilsons Designs

THE ZOME-TOOL SYSTEM - The Perfect Tool for exploring the Wilson Lattice Universe and more

DOLMETSCH ONLINE Music Theory and dictionary resource

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