The non-profit wing of the North American Embassy of Anaphoria Island is dedicated to the promotion of music in alternative microtonal tunings. While opening the possibilities of new forms of music, sounds, and scales. we foresee alternative tunings as being the most fertile environment where different musical cultures can not only interact, but stand with equal dignity. We envision this future not in a homogeneous consolidation, but in music that continually moves through a diversified texture and celebrates those culturally irrepeatable characteristics found throughout the worlds musical imagination.

In order to achive these goals, we engage in the following Activities and Projects:

1.)The production of concerts, including the production of shadow theatre, dance, and other combined artistic disiplines.

2.) The online version of the Wilson Archives which preserves the works of Erv Wilson, recognized as one of the world's foremost theorists in the field of alternative tunings.

3.) The World Scale Depository, an online collection of indigenous tunings from around the world.

4.) A recording library of indigenous musics related to the World Scale Depository.

5.) The promotion of new instruments capable of realizing these scales.

6.) The production of recordings of outstanding artists using alternative tunings.

7.) The commissioning of new works.

8.) The presentation and documentation of lectures on alternative tunings..

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The following items are always in demand to build working instruments that make the examination of microtonal tunings possible. All donations are tax-deductible.
Vibraphone bars
Marimba and Xylophone bars
Mini Piano (acoustic)
Kotos and related designed instruments
Organ reeds (brass)
Banjos and Guitars
other instruments that can be modified to examine microtonal tunings

Recordings of Traditional and Indigenous Music
Records of Musical Tunings
Instrument Designs

We also welcome any volunteers for concerts, events and research.

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