TERUMI NARUSHIMA is a composer, performer and sound designer whose work has been presented at numerous festivals in Australia and overseas, as well as broadcast on national radio and television.

As a composer, she writes acoustic as well as electronic music with a particular focus on alternative tuning systems. Some of her microtonal projects include: Tritriadic Chimes, a sound installation for LA MicroFest (2001); Metris, a computer game for performing virtual bells in just intonation (2005); and Hidden Sidetracks, a composition for custom-built instruments commissioned and premiered by Ensemble Offspring at the Sydney Opera House (2011). Terumi was a guest composer for New Music Works in Santa Cruz, USA (2007). She has also worked as a musician and sound designer for various film and theatre collaborations, and her music has been presented internationally (in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, China, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and the USA).

As a performer, Terumi plays mainly keyboard instruments, and she has also studied koto with Satsuki Odamura. She is a core member of Clocks and Clouds, an ensemble featuring retuned vibraphone, pump organ and other acoustic instruments built by fellow composer-performer, Kraig Grady.

Terumi is a lecturer in the Faculty of Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong, where she completed a PhD on musical interfaces for microtonal composition. She has a Bachelor of Music (Honours) and a Diploma in Secondary Education from the University of Sydney, as well as a Master of Music (Composition) from Sydney Conservatorium. In addition, she has extensive experience as a Japanese language teacher at secondary and tertiary levels.

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Retuning Erik Saties's Vexations for MicroFest 2012

Hidden Sidetracks (2011) commissioned and performed by Ensemble Offspring: Claire Edwardes (percussion), Anna McMichael (tarhu), Jason Noble (clarinis and reed organ), Diana Springford (clarinis)

Ten Trenches (2009) sound design (processed field recordings) for Bundanon Siteworks science-art collaboration with environmental scientists: Tim Cohen, Steph Kemode, Oscar Garratt & Brent Peterson. Michael Cohen (director), Sydney Bouhaniche (lighting), Kraig Grady (music), Cecil McLeod (dance), Katia Molino (theatre), Terumi Narushima (sound) & Craig Walsh (video projection)

Taste Your Own Poison (2007) for two clarinets and pre-recorded electronics, performed by Jason Noble and Diana Springford

BioHome Mixdown (2006) sample of live electronic music for Catherine Fargher’s performance-installation BioHome: The Chromosome Knitting Project, used in an “All In The Mind” radio broadcast

Tritriadic Chimes: bells in just intonation (2001) sound installation first presented at MicroFest 2001

Profile at University of Wollongong

Clocks and Clouds performance duo with Kraig Grady, featuring retuned vibraphone and pump organ


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