Wilson's investigation into Equal Temperaments [ETs] begins with his communications with John Chalmers and Ivor Darreg. He was particularly fond of 41ET, seeing it as a practical application of Partch's framework. He promoted 31ET as a practical altenative because of the progress being made in the Fokker 31 tone school. 31 also provided an easy crossover in notation from 12 ET.

As time passed, his attention ventured more into multidimensional structures and recurrent sequences that allowed him greater creative freedom. He once referred to ETs as someone putting up fence posts equally spaced apart regardless of the terrain. By the 1990s Wilson seemed only to be interested in ETs when a recurrent sequence would fall close to an ET which he often marked in the zig zag patterns with a ! sign. So he never closed the door on ETs completely, especially when they also reflected other material he was interested in.


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