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Aquifer (95-96) was an ever-changing, large ensemble, put together with the idea of bringing together people who would not normally perform together. Most of the pieces involved written or verbal instructions.
Performances were assembled by Kraig Grady.
    Little Big Horn was performed on what became the final show (2nd Sunday, May 1996) of the Sound Excursion Center at Glaxa studios. This performance claims responsibility for this act.

Aquifer this night was
Eszter Bilant - Violin
Richard Linnett- Trumpet
Jeff Tad - Guitar
Victor Baylogh - bass
Daisy - Dog
Eric Gill - Sax
Celeste Moreno - Oboe
Micheal Intriere - Cello
Jean Hobermann - Sax
Brandon Labelle - Snare Drum
Campbell Emory lll - Snare Drum
Mary Mullen - Lead Lakota Singer/String Bass
Max Markovitz - Trumpet
Rick Potts - Saw
Jorge Martin - Clarinet
Erik Hoffman - Clarinet