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Music by Greg Schiemer

Mandala10 is a work that is performed by up to 16 players swinging mobile phones. Just pop your mobile phone securely into an organza pouch and swing it gently on the end of a nylon cord to produce Doppler shift. The action of swinging a mobile sound source produces chorusing as the moving sound is heard simultaneously with its Doppler shifted reflections. Choice of venue is critical and performances work best in large resonant spaces that are sympathetic to sound played at low levels.

Mandala10 is dedicated to my friend and mentor, Erv Wilson whose tuning theories have built new a:links between the past and the present and opened my mind and ears to unimagined musical possibilities. The Mandala10 app allows an ensemble of non-expert players to play music based on chords of a 35-note microtonal scale based on Erv Wilson's Combination Product Sets. Blue phones play major chords while green play minor chords.

The app is designed to be played as a series of canons, where one phone is followed by another. As soon as a phone begins to sound, the player gently swings it - as slowly and as effortlessly as possible - and continues swinging until the sound stops.

To perform Mandala10, see the score Mandala10-Score.pdf and Mandala10-markers.pdf

For the first two I designed and built analogue hardware. Java phones were used in Mandala 3 through to Mandala 8

Mandala 5 from Greg Schiemer on Vimeo.

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