Field Recording From The Temple Of Images
Boar Mountains - Anaphoria

This 45 minute recording represents the first recording of a periodic meeting that takes place between some of the distinguished shamans on Anaphoria Island at the ruins of the Temple of the Images. The actual recording was made by one of the shamans themselves using equipment provided to them as outsiders are not allowed to attend. It has been known for quite some time that these periodic meetings occur on the morning of the full moon when the moon can still be seen. These events appear not to happen every full moon but is rumoured to be every prime numbered full moons. No one knows when the counting had begun or where in the counting they might be. Researchers so far have been lacking in resources to compile the necessary data. Thus, this and other details remain a matter of speculation. The recordings themselves present their own enigma as the environment cannot easily be distinguished from the shamans themselves. While a totally acoustical recording free from tampering, it appears that one of the shamans (we were told there were 4 in total) briefly used some sort of concealed electronic device. While our informant had conveyed this, she also remarked that it was highly unusual but was told later the idea had been suggested to the shaman in case by spoke persons of one of the frog clans

floorplan of the temple of images

Floor plan of 'The Temple of Images


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