The Meaning of the 114 Sacred Anaphorian Signs and Musical Soundings.
Signs and Soundings are revealed during ritualistic situations but the correspondences with their meanings remains withdrawn.

1. The extension of ones vision beyond the horizon.

2. The source of breezes and winds.

3. That which causes two to come together.

4. The imprints left in earth by dance.

5. The glyph to the alphabets of stars.

6. What causes springs to appear or to be replenished.

7. The abode of the spirits of laughter.

8. The art and craft of remedies defying the presumed.

9. The localities that forever house the remnants of the great once situated there.

10. That which fascinates one toward a course that others unintentionally shun.

11. The whisperer that unbinds those universal conclusions.

12. The surprising coincidence behind some gifts.

13. The Cacophonous Clown that alone can disintegrate an unyielding stiffness.

14. The messenger behind the visitation of unusual animals.

15. The most individual traits found most useful to others.

16. To invoke plants to sprout in one’s garden unplanted.

17. The type of truths that are mocked at inception.

18. That which enables one to mend the broken and reconcile opposing forces.

19. The ability to solicit the beautiful throughout ones work and play.

20. The sparks released in a crystalline geometry energizing an array of revelations.

21. A canopy that subdues the glare of the unfathomable.

22. The library of all that is knowable and performable.

23. That which partitions discoveries to manifest simultaneously in remote locations.

24. A surplus that unexpectedly appears supporting our endeavors.

25. The lightness that holds one in the air when flying.

26. A slight motion bringing replenishment throughout an environ.

27. That which nudges one toward the correct directions, which highlights the overlooked,
and can reconstruct what is now lost yet can hide as close as possible to the edge of discovery.

28. What determines color, form and fragrances of flowers and fruits.

29. That which uncovers that which once existed in a different form.

30. What we call and identify as personal guides.

31. The names of the unseen assistants in the preparing of rituals and sacrifices.

32. That which causes a welcome stillness to pass over one.

33. That which informs by dreams.

34. A relentless force set upon working on that which has been spoiled.

35. The subsequent ease of a breakthrough after much toil.

36. The study where an unexpected leads to an awaking from an oppressing hypnosis.

37. Places made for the meeting of people to discuss the common good.

38. The ability to prevent things from burning and makes phosphorescent signs appear in waves.

39. That which overcomes dispersion, dissipation and dissolve hindrances and to silence the obscene.

40. Any of many points of inception of the suggestive.

41. An unintended preventive halting before succumbing to misdeeds.

42. What makes unrelated things resemble each other.

43. The falling of a wall that becomes a bridge. The moment of a releasing change.

44. A key of the present supplied by a sudden reminder from the past.

45. Where and how one encounters the other.

46. The forger of the powers of magnetism and the sacred solids and gems.

47. The slow steady even progress over great time.

48. The breaking down of obstacles by an expanse of great generosity. The swiftness of the golden heart.

49. The final circumstances before one no longer resist new directions.

50. The healing spawned from past forgiveness.

51. The inspirations that excites a near weightless labor.

52. The vehicles in which inspiration come.

53. That which appears as our reflections.

54. The voices of foresight and forewarnings in the faintness of stirring brooks.

55. What is responsible for impurities to be extracted and consolidated elsewhere.

56. That which gives an indication of the enigmatic, that captures and portrays what escapes delineation.

57. The password of the gateways found on the ridges of mountains.

58. Those prophesies attained through grasping the waves between opposites.

59. The spirits weighing the balance and harmony of combined forces and adjacent colors.

60. The courage, even exuberance invoked in the fury of storms.

61. A challenge that prompts one to discard the easily attainable.

62. The impulse within patterns to break their own bonds.

63. The agitator of landslides, avalanches and earthquakes. The banisher of the stagnant.

64. The combining of forces without the tipping of balance.

65. That which brings wealth to one but without much weight.

66. What give metals the power to remember their shape and determines the flow of melting wax.

67. The pleasing glimmer at the end of a task.

68. That which brings a return of exiled.

69. The varied paths between what is, to what we desire, and lastly the apparent only after much time and reflection. .

70. The maker of signs to connect powers acquired by devotion and unselfishness.

71. The maker of the calendars of long durations and the distributor of constellations.

72. The passage between two realms.

73. That which allows the dead and living to converse, to speak dead languages and to cause secrecies to be known

74. The fluttering vibrations of renewal.

75. The wisdom convered by the oldest living stones and the releasing of the hidden voices within objects.

76. The molting together with material spirits of width and breath with the immeasurable spirits of time, of depth .

77. The three divisions of emotions into those which relates to the past, the present and the future.

78. Pertaining to the times of early evening and predawn.

79. The sequences of sacred permutations reflecting an unwrapping the mysteries.

80. The meaning of numbers to each other.

81. The panorama of a rainbow as the passage toward a nostalgic future.

82. The spectrum of colors found in auras.

83. The names of the languages of birds and other animals.

84. The briefest aeon of time manifested unexpectedly.

85. The planter and maintainers of sacred groves.

86. The currents and webs between sanctuaries.

87. The propulsion that opens holes in the earth.

88. The cultivator of clouds that imitate the shapes below.

89. A rope or ladder made with endless knots that lead into an adjoining world.

90. The insignia woven on gloves allowing one to enter mirrors.

91. How the will of the puppet is revealed to the puppeteer.

92. The ability to shoot an arrow or throw a spear into the sky that does not return.

93. The councils between the inseparable.

94. The wisdom within the 18 forms of silence.

95. The power of preservation and of suspending decay.

96. The sacred Bundle or Roll as the seat of ones power.

97. That which can start and control fires and protects an unshielded candle for going out in heavy winds.

98. That which brings comfort by few words or just by their presence.

99. The imprinter in the bark of trees those images whose arrival is still to come.

100. The scribe of automatic writing.

101. The arranger of stone formations and who tips stones upright. The molder of flowing layers in the earth.

102. The Elixir of Epiphanies.

103. The echoes and other resonances of a contented euphoria.

104. The transformation of changing into a plant or animal such as a Lotus or Bantu Bird or any of these into human form.

105. The perpetual wheel of becoming.

106. The Authority of Elasticity.

107. The curveness of paths that foils the unbending straightness of evil.

108. What is separated to be reconfigured in the transcendent.

109. How a dream persists throughout Aeons.

110. The way one can be in more than one place at once and to cast ones voice or whisper large distances.

111. The ability not to lose ones direction in the wildnerness or deserts.

112. The hidden quality in locations for the building of structures and altars.

113. The knowledge obtained from starlight or learned from conversing with plants.

114. The giving of thanks to the blessings of the unforeseen.


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