The use of symbols is possibly one of the unique features of Anaphoria's Shadow Theatre. While the meaning of each symbol is rarely publically shared, they are understood as being invocative in nature.

The symbols themselves exist on the borders of the organic and inorganic, the geometrical and the free form, as well as the microcosmic and macrocosmic. All are thought as being alive in some manner. In the case of this "flower" one is not sure if it is such or a microorganism.

A flower symbol exhibiting a spiral growth pattern.

Geometrical and botanical symmetries articulated by an endless loop with 11 crossings.

A form tulip-like, or human, or even possibly with a central flame from a single endless loop

A different cellular layer develops from a central core

A cellular commune of stability

Diffenentiation develops within a single radiating being

A pod shielding emergent growth

Forest Spirits. The branch has been also used to suspend the Spirit of Elders

A disc of balance between inscribed diverse forces

A sphere as the intersection of dual discs

The Wheel of New Energy

The Whirling Forces of The Atmosphere

The Columns of Insight

The Mortar

The Marker of a Meeting Post

The Cycle of Rapid Change

The Eternal Flame [used by spinning]

The Five Spoked Star

The Seven Pointed Star

The Winged Spirit

The Steady Star

Geometrical Solids

The Ouroborus

The Pennant of Identity

Cosmic Wheels

A Guiding Candle

A Benevolent Comet Wand


The Three Arm Spirit of Interruption

The Bee

The Bowerbird that Collects

Copan, the double-headed snake

The Winged Bull

The Rhino of the Lost Horn

The Dodo Bird [the clips here and elsewhere

allow the puppet to carry objects]

The Mythical Bird of the Spinning Five Rings

A Cat on top of a Dog

The Camel

The Crab [one of the oldest shadow puppets of the Theatre]

Thoth, the Scribe

The Fiery Fu Dog [closed mouth]

The Fiery Fu Dog [open mouth]

The Frog [sometimes carrying a coin]

The Shy Eel

The Heron [the clip allows attachments]

The Silent Raven

The Gabby Raven [closed mouth]

The Gabby Raven [open mouth]

The Goat in the Tree

The Snail

The Melancholy Fish [new, see below]

The Melancholy Fish [old, mouth open]. First puppet made for this Theatre.

The Melancholy Fish [old, mouth open]. First puppet made for this Theatre.

The Plump Fish [clips enable a character to change into this shape and attach their head]

The Angry Ragged Bird

The Sphinx or the Reverse Centaur

The Mother Gorilla

The Gorilla Child

The Shoe Thrower

The Aristocrat

Aurora, the young traveller [Pleiades in her hair]

Sarwito, female spy and clown [modelled after versions of this Balinese character]

The Acrobats [Nuit on the bottom]

Teff, the philosopher [her 'basket' is based on the brain]

Momoa, the refugee with child

Momoa, the refugee with child [attachment]

The Pirate

The Doctor

The Photographer

Shiva [with movable arms and legs]


Bardine [possibly the first pregnant female puppet]

Bardo [based on various versions of Balinese Bagong puppet]

The Prisoner [via Abu Ghraib]

Talok [based on the Thai clown}

Old Talok or Talok's Father [variation on Talok above]

Spirit of Time

Hunter or Militiaman [variation on Malaysian puppet]

Hunter or Militiaman [other view]

The Rice Farmer or Field Worker

The Beggar or Harry Partch

The Sly Brother

The Spirit of the Brook

The Prison Guard [Thai source] with Nike shoes

The Rock Hoodlum [Javanese source]

The Strange Yogi [Balinese source]

The Strange Yogi [different position, Balinese source]

Karagoz [name means "Black Eye", both Greek and Turkish origins]

Ruesi, Thai hermit and wiseman. A sea captain in Anaphoria

Security Police with Security Dog

Julian Assange, or the Messenger

The Burnt Old Man

Judge Gill O'Tine

Marat or Madman in Straight Jacket

Alien One

Alien Two

The Ancient Diver

The Bandit or the Warrior

The Orator or the Salesman

Pestimon, the Evil Chief [Javanese sources]

The Protesting Mob

Empire Crowd Control

The Log

The Bucket

The Cauldron

The Cart

Miniature version of Bardo and Bardine in cart.

Used to show them at a distance

Miniature Sampan for distance

Sampan with attachable characters

The Tree Of Prudence

The Tree of Revelation

There are always new puppets being planned and created