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Originally Instituted To Catalog The Ancient Sequence Of The Anaphorian Alphabet Revealed In The Language Of Birds, The Centre Has Grown Into A Research Library And Museum Of The Ancient Religious Text On The Island. It Also Both Preserves And Encourages Historical And Speculative Thought. Its Expertise Of Historical Cryptographic Methods Has Resulted In The National Security Application Of This Science And The Consolidation Of These Resources With Your Countercountercountercountercounter Intelligence Agency




Our Keywords are: the Hexagon’s bright future, dance to the chia seeds, chakra truth, an altar with legs to walk, cold toast, sleeping nachos, 7 sided gongs, a cover judged by its book, one dries better when done from foot to head, invisible splinters, conniption fit revivalists, cigarless gum, bored gargoyles, lists waiting to be used, return of the prodigal keys, vanishing chopping boards, teff cookie prana, sky-born twins, phlogiston, pool of thick silver, the broken rope of flag poles, two headed crows, a floating tree who turns to greet, an octatonic gallery, shamanistic karaoke, skin tunnels, elite deviants, Saint Elk, towels-lost-at-sea, incaberries, chatter meditation, dream instructions to paint a saxophone, the caterpillar senior citizen called a butterfly, peculiar periodic spectral modulations, the fourth world, the ninth climate, the sun candle-ized by trees, pan entitlements, suspicious suburbs, refrigerator poems, dancing statues, blue flower song, upcoming crab hockets, plummeting, curve path mowing, a lion in a dream performance, the heart in cardioid, minefield rea:visited, swamp vs, swamp, Charles Ives sightings, koto with fly, Yatiri, how to meditate under surveillance, renicon, A momentary flash of Mt, Meru, bain marie, the soul seeking guidance from the spirit, maple syrup as tree worship, “for an easy hand out”, citizen of the worlds, non military solutions to problems, a recurrent backyard heron, the solarised flares emitted from a crystal ball, spirits that place text is books that later cannot be found, Point Perpendicular, The Barefoot CEO (tm), chupacabra, the big bang as false flag, the missing tattoo, alien copyright sign, Pojagi, themes of negative space, markov chain mail, a bird turns into flag, trinaural recording, dreams starring big eyed lizards, blondes and greens, lapis acasuali, phantom didg predawn alarms weightless floating gardens, consenting grapes, the brain as antenna, to place a book into one's heart, the spirit below, the permanent dyeing of the roots of hair, jesus shark car emblems, Yaqui chants, 28 heavenly flashes, a hermetic mesocosm, Peanut butter jailbreak, Tulpas, Alexipharmakum, Bibliomancy Gleamoscope, congested telepathic crosstraffic, etherized, palimpsest, pre-secularised experience, fauxdamental, rotisserie, a:hovering wasps around a poet's graves, enquiry, terminator astrology, third class mummies, shocked quartz, anthropo-cosmic tissue, pre-happiness, Paine has no statues, ‘rember’, fermented keyboards, not MY chakras it doesn’t, “diversity” at 9am, love at now o’clock, group leek imitations, only poor antonyms for stellate (a hole in language), uncivil wars, insecurity guards, fugitive politicians, art simulacra for the masses, talismanic ornament, cultural illusion, fashionable crackles, aesthetic of puritanical scientism, hipster bite sized mains, a garden in a heavy wind, gestalt of the earth, portraits without borders, an embraced shame, deflation of ethical posturing, cotton extracted from vitamin jars, bird to human coo exchanges, x delivered back to its shadow, post-utopian politics, city-states, coral, a mobile of harps, what metaphors are equal[?], the mirrorless corridor of the conceptual, and the vale of seers, books slap into shelving submission by librarian, fabric weaving depicting torn fabric, exiles upon an aesthetic nauru island, sand dollars, The mirror world world above, monotheistic polytheism, sukhumvit set, post-ort composition, banned plaid shirts, scanned archives, pears and tetrahedrons, lizard season, classified invisible ink, the return of 3 interlocked rings, an iced back, a gallery of unknown art, a delayed press release, big almost empty library and its sounds, a score near completion, a spouse almost off work, and a big lunch that makes a lack of dinner fine, escape through the eye in a chain, daytime moons, city sirens, rebranding as faux invention, computer mothball fleets, original flow over supposed revision improvements, favorite crystals, black and white lighting, unload bearing "walls", music worlds one is kicked out of, you can't be serious, being startled by the shadow of a butterfly, risky CD purchases, curcumin, and restless shadow puppets banging to get out of their case, Large trucks of costume jewelry ornamentation, the plight of expired vitamins, Laotian Lad Na fabrics, Pelog in a non-gravitational modulation pattern, the momentary postponement of a lunch rally, A friend is typing a comment but it never appears, compositional data over meta-compositional data, jpegs one does not remember saving, the evidence that one's taste has changed, to have slept a little bit longer toward the predawn, walking on mushy lawns, the surprising aura of a tree, pre-April fools mistakes, a 9 day week calendar, and the lost code to a series of one's own charts, glass shards that avoid all brooms and vacuums, favorite cups that are broken first, humidity, false false flags, bass marimba in official progress, forgotten computer power cords, the limits to impossible shapes, u shaped resonators, the failure of organic weed killers, the steaming up of one's glasses, And i would use that comma except it comes from oxford, Calcination, parapsychological implications, alchemical aesthetics, graphic scores as condensed specificity, and asymmetric cyclical patterns embedded in continuous spiral sequences, music one returns to listen to over others, the evasiveness of diagrams to verbal descriptions, memory as an impulse toward pattern perception, dreams setting of one's mood, the joys of unexpected invitations, Moments of phosphorescence, transalpine dialects, Avante-Garde cul-de-sacs, unpopular pop music, Curators as intellectual colonialism and censorship, myth as an oral based knowledge library, recovery, blueberries, unpacking (in both senses), Marwa permutations, and dream treadmills, unique vegetation, intermittent crickets, improvised instrument repairs, sandals with socks, preemptive motorcycle pick ups, The safeword is: pre-dawn, Stamina, dedication, flexibility, out of one's comfort zone, humor, preparing, packing, traveling, contemplating, playing, it's going to have to be Flying, Khepra, bamboozle, rebuild, thankfulness, and Jiri Kylian, stamina, ice coal tea, frackburger, smoggies, bottled flint water, and naziwurst slamcrinch, passports, visas, trains, Ebi Curry, paper trial, out of sorts, past the expiration date, recalled, endangered, and no longer in print, placed in front of you, progress, delivery, multitude, Neruda, and frankly, resonate, restless, fabrication, spontaneous reinforcements, surprise, the making of Americans, spooky action at a distance, assemble, demarcation, refine, brew, and test, aura, Panpsychism, luminescence, self-similarity, and buckyballs, citrus, surrealism, Arcosanti, underground railroads, magnetism, calm, invention, Jehan Alain, Up the Walls of the World, echoes, intersectionality, umbrella, blanket and pillow, Architecture, Cryptography, Off-grid, and the art of diversion, prepared, comradery, landscape, movement, poised and readiness, rouse, march, supplies, non media community, local infrastructure, edible plants, morale, resistance, endurance, persistence, boycott, and obstruct, allies, support, reinforcements, preservation, and vision, Action, mock, dark emu, braids and endless loops, the queen of swords, blue corn, and deer in headlights, arnica and feathers, Antarctican cuisine, and passport renewals, property cared for as: hiatus and canned peaches, Escaped cultivar, high heels with cane, crickets on strike, Shoowa fabric, water logged, and friendly fire, muffins, topsy turvy, kayak, mumbo-gumbo, cliff hangers, and toenails, Phosphor Bronze, pajama, porcupine, perpetual motion, Flannel, the migration of poles, kudzu, ectoplasm, and willy-nilly, 7 letter words beginning with D, long strings with organ, cocobolo, cloud 9, and itiswhatitis, Lava Lamps, Pau D'Arco and Jiu-Jitsu, Bolero retrograde, Egyptian medical art, custom shipping cases, magic squares, dried pineapple, bedazzled, and DNA Haplogroup Y of the ancient Natufians


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