Yelena Tokman
master of the bird language
transcribed this image

Ledhead entries now found here


the Parthenon pillars
those discontinuous foundations
are matte against
the crystal hard polished
rounded like frosting under ones trivial steps.
What erodes claims no victory
over the hidden underneath
upward pressure lifting and sustaining an eternal altitude.


the slow possible

by the first time every atom had been alive at least once
circle circumference no and everywhere
memory was self embedded
condensation alchemili

Solipsisms dreamt dimensions untouched
by the time every quark had known all spins
spawning desire
interior depth

as the mysteries whispered frankly
cracks still occured as momentums
fluctuations grandiose

time repeated and remained still
but could not stop itself

arose in absent other



AN INTRODUCTION (remontaged [again] 21/06/17)

behind the ambassadors
a parade roars after
each funniest coincidence.

and around our yearly childhood
charmed adults approach these toys
on mysterious expressways

where heaven can wait
for a humane diameter
this licensed crowd presses

bringing a sunrise intervening
each newcomer is a flavor
now lifetimes with a wary hope

the mass understands unhappy censorships
appeals in quiet manifestos
through an abolition neighborhood

nearly caught
a flagging civilian quibbles
next to their own collective receiver

the silent mob apologized for
the sneaky dooms of wallet convey
its search for bankrupt crude

how did their terrified prophet
breed such a stereotype as
the interactive terminators

Is this geography capable
to wash aside indigenous interference
of cultivar memories

such evolutionary doubt
places our temple dances behind
a lecture inside this culture

a commentator yawns the bigot toed
modern repertoire of helicopter frowns
airlifting the conspicuous policeman

Each killer precedes at least one psychologist
recycling an agenda of grief
where even my passive corn objected

a frog heard and hidden
the poolbender master spoke
left is where a stone dances over a heart

The Eviction and the Effigy

(please note this here
soon and thereafter known as there)

yet here one conjured the ancient wisdoms of stone
Looked from a vantage point toward visionary horizons

beloved foundations which stood
the test of my own crimes

Self damages and joys
inherited to others who

became descendants
ones who too held it dear

where each exterior wall
could have it own color

where islands hidden
from mundane maps could sound

even grow in the chatter of new politicalities
a tiny microdecolonial resistance

now left in the hands of the mechanical
practical financial gloves

of a violence that needs no congratulation
we will forget them

this land will await
speak only to the dream it has fostered

it will transcend it boundaries
in a slow drift to river then ocean

we will leave it bare as requested
carrying its fruit in jars

bags of smuggled seed and knick nacks
shadow memories and wisdoms it taught us

At this point where one musters as much wisdom as one can
overlayed by the wisdom that has imposed itself upon us
Still we might disagree
but now heard as this speech
that perfect fruit of our different trees

Last night just under the window
flute tones taunted from an instrument still to make
This late no one expects mischief to be todays divine mask
Inflating one before a nightmare that quickly followed

Knocking over an altar upon your foot
pain as you brought incense
This is the price of the smiling
A joy beneath
The foot is fine
Even the polish has barely a scuff

A Day Abandoned by The Supernatural

A distant strong spark
overflowing in parking lot excitement where
a flash of frayed virgin medal
tinkles under foot
still glitters in hand
where clouds have also been seen to vaporize

containing a branch of maroon prudence
the sacred bundle of sacred patterns appears
as a random act of kindness
a bemused heron watches from third base

deep blue fabric
conjoined with subtle light mud
The mixed fluids of alleys ran uphill
into a florescent funny green chalice
a roof worker silhouette could not bypass
drift into the garden where plants remain the size of small children

Call it a seance
or call it breaking and entering
a shadow of a winged mountain
fostering our souls turbulence

emerges the Shamii
an engulfed head within fabrics
myriad patchworks

A duo partakes with this veiled company
a bird who has postponed flight to help
to ride a blind lioness like a chariot

distantly follows also
more than they could nudge
animals bit on the head and limbs
that felt through-time
already at the threshold of the second cross road.
this without grasping the first inescapable challenge
to which they now return.

with crop circles in her hair
it was her signs that restored them
she brought forth juggling twins never caught facing each other
yet were conjoined by the air travel of the twilight objects between

'O beyond the' they would answer to.
'Only' would bid them adieu.

To tap the Nag on the shoulder
her fingers seemingly sleep not to participate
in her pointing arm
'Meandering Paths' she called them or was she directing
for here was desert enough for the exiles of any liquid planet

What never wets them above their heels?
Was it a mirage
or the shallows of salten pools?
No withering swamps
yet numbing steams and treeless fogs
where Sandals
prints of paws
play in syncless mimic

A feather blows across the landscape
an eschewed expectation
That is how I know what is before us.
Stillness comes before the bird speaks,
The lion though converses with the bird
The Shamii too is without false agendas
She knows those faded words
brought by prophecies conjoined by bad press
The four fold horizon recedes

the Shamii asks
'If only we might leave what veils stagnation
these distracting trampolines'
the desert's faceless center
the sunday shoppers
these were lesser landmarks

The children’s hands are held
only to lead them in circles

in waste we trust
where the baggage intrudes and proclaims
less than garbage
no wonder it was getting crowded
where the sirens of unseen wolves
are as brazen as the coyotes on every street corner

Its own belt serpent let go its tail in desperation
'what tree needs to move?
what plant has a leg?'
'what is it you Shamii you stand on?

Suddenly a revelation
as our Shamii is to dive into the sand
a glance at the sky
where from one empty point swallows suddenly appear
radiating from
a Raven’s call

the Serpent again becomes belt
our company follows sounds’ mysteries
the Shamii's Unbreakable Bell

^> ^> ^> ^> ^> ^> ^> ^>    _-=+=-_     <^ <^ <^ <^ <^ <^ <^ <^


How Can You Tell When Pressed Flowers are Done?

When pressed, Paterno snaps back. Serena Williams plays coy when pressed about her relationship with Dobbs who crumbles when pressed on his ‘NAFTA Super Highway’. Yet when pressed about the harmful effects on the economy, proponents of higher taxes often fall back on what can be called the "Clinton" defense ... such that when pressed they moved away from the user in such a way when pressed they moved toward the user. When pressed with historical counter-examples, such scholars respond "When pressed, his memory failed," when pressed for a statement, produce a "bonk" noise. When pressed hard, the Ann Arbor City Council makes facetious remarks. When pressed with logical arguments about the incoherence of grouping indeed, when pressed by Stanley Hoffman he argued that the academic discipline as such was little more than an ideology of the powerful deployed to both masquerade and justify their continued dominance in a world of haves and have-nots. How do I make decisions when pressed? When pressed for an answer about illegal immigration in his home state, Sen. McCain throws a woman out of his town hall meeting. When pressed for clarification, Cain said that this applied to the video reviewer(These execute an action when pressed) as well. Caught in limbo even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government's policy, especially in time of war. When pressed to clarify the “pillars” these deeds “undermined,” the Obama ... WHEN PRESSED ON ANY AMBIGUOUS ISSUE REGARDING THE OBAMATRON, NEVER CONFRONT THE ISSUE DIRECTLY; The reserves carry the load when pressed into service while many people when pressed would sooner be apologists for slavery than apologize, ... when pressed, they knew nothing about it. When pressed, engage the autopilot. no scruple, when pressed, to sell the children of their serfs. .... Consumers say 'Very handy when pressed for time.'  When pressed, officials also reveal, very quickly, that they rarely have any but when pressed further, Hartmann said, "It was a mistake. "It's easy in hindsight to look back" and say so when pressed by Philippe Sands...on Bush's recent admission that he had authorized interrogation procedures widely seen as amounting to torture, ... became testy when pressed about his recent remarks that there are areas of Baghdad that were not part of the prearranged pattern, remained dark even when pressed takes it upon itself to darken when it's pressed and I don't want that. ... When pressed, the simulation will start. When pressed shows how far the axis will move when pressed and erase current position to the plane's track's . Instances of this class represent a selectable user interface object that issues notification when pressed and released. When pressed about the motives, the hollywood radical finally ...,. I'm genuinely fascinated by the number of people I've met who declare their cosmopolitanism/multiculturalism/love of diversity who, when pressed, can't manage to come up with anything that's enriched them (i.e. made a significant impact on their lives) other than access to the occasional takeaway (which often bear little relation to the "real thing"). Their "embracing" other cultures is nothing more than an arm's length occasional dietary treat or delicious meals when pressed for time or until the cakes spring back when pressed gently with a finger or 25-30 minutes, until puddings are firm when pressed in the centres. When pressed, separates to a liquid fraction, oleo oil,.... An honest witness who testifies that he knows of no oil spills or discharges at a large oil storage facility may when pressed on cross-examination allow for the metaphysical possibility that such spills might have occurred or the likelihood that a drop here and there can have escaped. ... Similarly, he conceded (when pressed) When pressed in pleading, the tenants admitted that ever since Henry L's day they had been paying arbitrary reliefs that there might have been fugitive drops from the loading pipeline or from loaded trucks as they pulled away... When pressed, many shift blame onto the students who leave... which means that when pressed by fingertips.

Red Robin Spins Bullshit When Pressed To Reveal, Performs Well When Pressed Hard (Mannerisms)

These flexible characters play music when pressed, glow in the dark and are the glow when pressed carpet at Baithak... How do I make a button that will play one of four different sounds randomly when pressed?

The 4-way selector in Record mode toggles the flash mode when pressed "Right." When pressed "Up" it adjusts exposure compensation, "Left" to activate the Self-timer and press "Down" to enable Marco focus mode... Automatically strikes a surface with Powerful Spring Action when Pressed ... When pressed even further, His left paw has a embroidered music symbol which when pressed plays 10 ... When pressed for an exact number...  squeals when pressed against the rotors. My uterus feels sore when pressed on. My son has pain right above his penis when pressed on, he is 18 .. squeal/make loud noise when pressed. When pressed for a further explanation he commented 'because it's easier to hold'). This discussion when pressed about testicle pain cause pain only when a reddened area on the skin that, when pressed, is "non-blanchable" pressed does not Look for reddened areas that, when pressed, do not turn white. When pressed directly against bone, some trigger points feel like bumps bruises that expel a “white thing” when pressed. When pressed it always showed "physical" (touchable) items in red, whether or not they were otherwise visible pressed 2 inches below eye on cheek. Disappears when pressed. ...... Sorness above navel. Does not disappear when pressed. hurts when pressed. Automatically strikes surface when pressed hurts more when pressed on than when released when pressed. Does everybody's casing click when pressed? Tender pain in chest when pressed body pain when pressed vibration when pressed WHEN PRESSED BY A CIRCULAR-CYLINDER More Pronounced When Pressed
Arm lumps paining when pressed?" Been there over a month. any ideas? Donald Duck pencil lights his ass when pressed ;-)

When pressed for the perfect example of a modern folk musician, is more pliant than paper when pressed by a hard metal roller model dissappears when pressed,... .

Light Won't Light When Pressed. cool submit button switching when pressed. Change color when pressed that, when pressed, causes the several actions ... when pressed in standby mode, disable submit button when pressed. BUT the application has closed indicating an error when pressed. Edgy brightness switch freezes when pressed. This is a button that, when pressed, submits the form when pressed and turning volume. Down a textual label and/or image, and evaluates a command when pressed. When pressed hard, the Arrow Keys jump two characters when pressed sticking when pressed on upper right hand corner touch screen lags when pressed. Make Buttons. especially just underneath the screen where the case flexes when pressed. That when pressed resets the form's fields to their initial values as specified by the VALUE attribute to a target surface when pressed there against title is a link which when pressed goes to an identical home page but with soft rubber button does not change enough when pressed. but some items (like skirts or dresses) will get a nasty "seam" when pressed flat.
 Pressed Ashcroft
Pressed Powder.
When pressed, these keys will remain in the depressed (or "stuck") state when pressed for Details

LA Berlin

Dear Sister;
Your banished walls
rumble below
between my neighbors
A large bear deceived us

the recurring cast shadow
a monolith of Kubrick
lining the West Bank
dual parthenogens both
excessive beyond those two
dimensions Bueys recommended

You have met perhaps
who remember still
the art of tunnels   passages
around mines        paths
through fashion   like wire
I crave their expertise and

Like life within a flea
displaced between
the Il Corral* and The Smell*
an Anticlub* a moat
encircled by Blackwater

My folly convenes rose-colored
in a further visionary West
a new geograph South
an endless terrene that sustains (the inner
commune of) an escaped cultivar
This self becomes a self

let us shutter my Sis
mock pity of  heartbroken returns
pray that expanse can embrace
a sweat lodge        let
dream songs     resound
I offer insist    to invoke
these most forgotten songs

*clubs in Los Angeles

^> ^> ^> ^> ^> ^> ^> ^>    _-=+=-_     <^ <^ <^ <^ <^ <^ <^ <^


This bright one
banishes past
those tides recede
by a funny whisper
my name again
vanished those etudes to
bask innocent in this
blindful light without
a passing fluster
Leaving a silver pear
6 cherries
uneaten deliberately
in each second vibrating
8 times she
 still shyly
in a quarter moon
we foster the others
interior child
reinvent an ancient theorem
of strings
bring distance intimate



There was anything but progress
and poetry failed to capture that negative space
that so held the real content
What was omitted is where the story was told.

It is all I have left
One cannot engage in sounds
and live outside a political arena
A mere struggle among entertainers
Here one’s last song
could only say the least

What purpose to preserve an ambiguous history
omitting how we want the world to be.
 But here was the path to power
accumulating a weight
That would only somehow oppress others

The abyss are two
The complex and the simply barren
a contrived and a found object
it's gravity shaped like a lily that will not light escape
What emerges are the sounds from a graveyard
too overcrowded to hold the future

There were no more sacred objects
left to be secularized
No desire to mine the secular images
that might be spiritualized
these hybridized plants are designed to bear no fruit

Like their distained leaders these Sado-celibates of passions
that lone fervor of the Pilgrims
propagate cul-de-sac philosophies so in keeping with those doctrines
This religious artifact has been the only one kept
The one not freed
Even though it was laughter that was heard from the cross

Easter 2007


It was a war             then none of us saw
We weren’t fooled by those WWII reenactments.
Well there waaaaaas that newest fashion

When I was quiet      everything settled
I could hear that relentless rumble and skin torn apart.
Still this shows my concern for surface

I have nothing else to say on the subject
Already such unofficial version are censored under conspiracy
Take your pick           Hummer or Prius

Only           the people can stop this war
Emerges our sado         -celibate                    protester
Not         till its over                    get it

Like Dolphins
play on both
edge of the surface
they know depth

all in fun
the now in here
to  break into air
from known to

For divers
Ours is below
a real Everest beneath
we ignore
them it’s all above
each failure a funny splash
quick company joins in
a couple at
a time


We have taken up prayer

To not be jinxed with borrowed words of others

When from somewhere else
Those favorites/best
That which they were
not to offend sources

Their others fly not as far
a dove lands on our hand
resting then fleeting
we have help them on their way.

I return to the instruments
the notes no longer the same

 hence become Silent
ring the still presence

of that ancient soul
courtly dances
dreams the child
of sacred plants

Toward an Epilog to War and Pieces (for Roger Mexico)
In progress

(I am)

Neal Cassava:

These authors can claim no more
 than a medium
A momentary antenna of my soul
as I in turn
with a single drop of water
  created a new universe
and likewise must bare witness to these
 failed utopias
 to explain all things
all evaporates
 and these islands once again
 become part of a frozen earthen continent.

Before me
(shot of ocean at least by this time)
 the myriad of all dreams
 the sweat of our restless stone mother satellite
whirling in this greater womb
twisting its own emptiness
a labor that begets what we call existence.
 I am my own remains
the shedder of tears
of a science that cannot escape
 the limits of clouds
of my own making
an agent of change
within an encompassing
 changeless infinitude
I, reluctant expression of the non existent
 A hero that returns
 only by the agony of its own fiction

 in a world without separation
from those I can no longer find
a clinging eternal fire
to a void that cannot be consumed
never ending toward a death
of that which was
could not be borne
Without coming back, to recur
to where
I never could be

the song ends
like every
with silence
if heard
I am the singer that perished
within its every sound
among wish fulfilling gems
the current that runs through us all

Exiled from the wishing well
we tossed coins that could only become one with the sea.

Winter Solstice 006


There are no people things
to be delivered or not
like property
I acknowledge attachments
But these my own bonds
struggles toward an undoing
and yes so poorly at times
In these interiors
only a dishonesty can claim your existence in this landscape
they leave little room
which likewise overestimate our own elsewhere

we are so little removed from the birdsong
in censoring all flowing surfacing outward
even regret is an attachment
denying this natural state of us (un)things.

(I confess this
seduction to content's concern
that overrides my feeble exiling
of punctuation to unveil a heart of poetry
This beckoning is but one act of from my being

We have our albeit heroic
a  demon borne of hope
this will
desiring to be of a usefulness
to an unknowable exterior
within our so deficient means

so foreign a goal
is to entangle entrap add coerce
that can only water and satisfy self humiliation
so little takes root closely in our deserts
yet my only real need
has always been
what is
is the love that only blossoms
under a free will.

She was Distraught
her clone
has run off with her brother

conflicting statistical reports
 can the originator be responsible
if a clone murders

if the original posed as the copy
at least temporarily
how could this be established

those two poems ripped
on a
single missing page
between 2 dates
I ponder most

(For Stan)
could it
if poetry could heal
in which ways

like homeopathy
a little of like illness


I lit your last cigarette
And said a prayer for you.
the same gesture as the executioner
the same action so easily varied as the intent
both desire and will a change

The prayer is for your own aspirations


If I could heal an image it would be of a flying plane
lost for decades
Amelia's plane must be the most desired

From where she first took flight
spotted approaching the land
a crowd gathers quickly in excitement to welcome her

an image slumbers inside a stone for me

I was not fooled
Your tags
those Rectangles with the rolled edges
 pretending to cover
 the work of a Graffatista
that was elsewhere
inventing initials
like the newest created disease
the misnaming of merely oozing wounds
Your match is slightly discolored
a blemish to remind
Walls are formed by scars
they are inseparable



This just appeared the other day with others and the first time i saw them

images/Kraig%201web.jpg  Betty Freeman 1988

These souls know not how to venture
where a career has not established itself
Know only freedom’s shell
left with perversity
Even this is fashion
Corporate chameleon bred into a race of stoics
of this, the first blank age
If only it was dark

A predetermined posing
in the disciplines
as decreed by
the labels of the five (starred) major
like Romans masquerading
as Greeks, like them
their roads turned into operas

The triangle
The Burnt children of Dr. Faustus and his daughter
A new Adonis is first saved from his own chest
His mother of myrrh
And his miniature gardens
To be grasped in the arms of Pesephone
hoarding her one third of a year
Calliope degreed
then Aphrodite hers
solitude’s rest for the refuse

a boar brings his death
still fathered the child
bore of Beroe
Priapus maybe

 Called the mourning festival
then the queen bee castrates the drone
Still to come
 The happy ending



we have these ways of hearing
listed out
 like a comb filter

how can we
convey such a myriad
without methodology

start with
for one self
or for others

the voice medium
is of the inner
directed to the outer-like the latter

then is it for
fleeting experience or endless content
I am drawn to their marriage

Like Pan
Stumbler upon the unexpected

Then it seems
 We compose it like life
With enough that doesn’t make sense
(to be con't)




A blank sheet
The oven
A lone cricket twice
at 54 degrees

Time for a plan

To hide
To shut down

Chill your pseudoceremonical spells
Anyways about missing the mark
No  magic Not that kinda guy
Like yourself

to recap hind sight is worthless
one invents new mistakes
according to one’s nature

one needs little but our mirror most of the time



The roaming blackouts of this smoldering log
 Only a blimp artist can remain visible

This city is an orphanage
Landlords of Lofts
newt worker barracks
The business man in a grey suit --- tie
61 corvette with three nose rings
squatting children Every house
a rented room
one can not leave

where the squirrels have known plague
A stolen knapsack cascades
 Bellowing it claim
as the moments key to the city

The couple will not sleep well
awaiting locks to fly open
and one must ponder
what dreams therein sketched
can be dreamt again better
and unique

but not

mailboxes opening by themselves

in cobalt blue hynotism
filling the exiles with penhouse views
a random trash bin banged
at the door the baseball club is topped with hat
even the murders are theatrical
or with theater involved



Affirmation Bretonia (for cat lamb)

I will be more positive than young women
with periwinkle auras swooping down on swings
for a second date with a tango of chairs

beyond that of the hidden hope in Vivaldi’s Winter
More positive than a sharp major third
of spinning tops, Tossing and rolling coins

Positive more than the shit eating grin of a curly haired boy
whose buttons outnumber holes
who coasts in neutral

whose trunk is filled with booty of garage sales
Skylights and kites            Obtuse angles
All this on the empty side of a crowded freeway

more positive than rapidly clapping seashells
for the danish speaking dolphins
escorting sailboats of proud husbands

A positive which will be 
surpassing the bouncing water balloons
circling clockwise a erratically wiggling hose
spraying its fine mist upon the tallest of Sonoran corn

More than melting ice cream upon glass brick
The smell of freshly baked bread under gardenia tree
The shadow of leaves upon closed eyelids
On the picnic’s ride home

more than a traveling salesman
watching the strolling of daddy long legs
in an orchard of date palms
even here a cloud has the face of jimmy durante

more than a crows nest filled
with it collection of shiny lost jewelry
 One can get to with these ladders with extra steps

more than the abracadabra
of the supreme elemental kings
dressed in the empress scale of color

More than the fourth mansion of the moon
when stones rolling uphill
to the three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head
who returns an extra pot claimed born of the one borrowed

More than these almost immaculate conceptions


Confession within a Duet

It is all encrypted for
who could use the words without
destroying the bond
an act of circumnavigation  to
 encompass hold
 the only thought  to
support and direct
the light around you

a meek maker of pedestals
I have lost my breath and you missed how
 many times I almost went crashing
 to the floor nor how the expression
changes each time you drove away
mere seconds it is all
saved for that hopeless
 solitude that can no longer find
distractions this playing is
a frame, a shield, fabric
for an egolessness that
knows only another



It would be the last time he would ever
beg for sex     melting into these
arms of this serial killer      mistaken
maybe      this is at least
a selfishness equal
fertilized on artist image     talented
misunderstood       tortured
another self enclosed tragedy    unaware
that there are many
 growing        till
there was only enough room for herself

She was drawn to those who cannot appreciate her
It was an equality she could understand

In the tavern,
 drawn to the darkest
corner      that place most
conspicuous      the center stage
enveloping      weaving monologs
later the body harvest     scattered
like before      just before
till after sunrise        to bury
was too much for her   to give
One afternoon one body
she discovered cooking 
feeding a child no one would ever see
spawned of prey and        she had carried


Ripples are the Veil of Reflection

How your empty hands masqueraded as open arms
whose grasp are an end, no beginning
finished and turned to  profile
I‘ve grown accustomed to your silence
A statues response
never communing with the polished stones of Memoria
Drifting away is your cadential signature
death as the dispersion of gas , the suspension of time
all is forgotten but you mean well

A trunk quickly flies open and shut
This is all I know of this source of tears
well traveled paths of a solipsistic existence
that might make one think of the virgin goddess
only recognizing her suppressed form
no wonder you fear
she is really fearless in her openness
close enough to that light behind matter
limitless is pulling out the hidden potential in all things
inexperience is not of her nature
it is others that become blind in her presence


Prince Charming
(for John Dentino)

She buried all the red flags
that knot round her ankle
add those blinders,
 One step,
A trip short to the ground

 He only had to play siren
 In those first 10 seconds
Hypnotized she paints this portrait
It is the empty space around him
Here he can be seen, really
 The disinterest she paints as calm
 The selfishness as strength
 The fragileness he uses to dominate her will

While a disdain for porn
His only condition
stronger but more corruptible
How the slipper fits
Her acceptance
weaker yet more persevering.
still she will not replay her history for long
 Each lie, each looks
 one outwardly
 She inwards like to mirrors
Later he will pay for father
The very role she has taken on.
Maybe rarer a mother



They suddenly have driven all the men away, except in brief passing.
 Can I separate this from my own?
To steal the pomegranates.
Two women violate a fence these men never dared.
 These plants of death’s goddess yield to them only fruit that the birds had not already pecked in years.
 Only for them has this ever happened.
They hide in the foliage
 -Your house looked so abandoned.
I had to tie myself to a tree with no one to help me.
 Yet I could not run away
A laughter like butcher knives as they descended hoping I will follow.
They watch dancing in rotation waiting for me to approach.
I break loose
 gone without a trace

-No. I live here.
But perhaps they too smell the rodent corpse I cannot find,
 perhaps a lizard I cannot tell.
 It is the same smell that Chavez smells that day.
 There is no separate existence
 Neither the gnats going for my face
the ants entering everywhere
Bewildered by the same thing as me.
Searching I empty the room for the smell
 No existence

bed came as an incoming message was arriving.
Explains sleeplessness.
 Something was here to be resolved for a benevolent stranger
 I had invited through machinery and image.
 Her name changed to its real form.
 Truth had become the basis for what will follow.
 Can I help her confessing the option of teaching.
4:30 sharp interruption
these guests arrive walking in like family expected.
Almost heavy steps passing through every room.
Just to lower the temperature oh so lightly.
 Maybe they are ushering a dawn.
like Dawn’s card
Her moon of illusion.
I repaid her with mixed signals that night.
The door was slammed just as I exited.
 It has never been the same.
Two nights ago our eyes could not meet.

These guests
-But you invited us.
 Your daily gaze on our burials on the northwest hill.
yearly shadows calling us.
This is our moment.
 you sleep through
protected by the blankets that engulf you.
 The clothes you cannot shed to go to that good night.
You are a pole separated.
A magnet
stray forces have come to collect.
Day comes
trees empty of birds
overflowing in uncommon silence.
 A lone baby lizard runs into the cracked concrete
A hasty squirrel on a dead tree marked for the harvesting of a fire
It is unsustainable help


Valentines Day
Somewhere in this poem is an image of  Mohammed


Today in my Garden
A bodiless Buddha
found the headless Venus de Milo
joined and cradled in the basket of Minerva

For Laura

God is an Existentialist


The strongest foundations
have often been built in places
that ignored a view's possibility


The Jilted Guillotine

No helicopter can take flight with blades like a Christian cross.
likewise pentagonal arranged genitals for the cemetery of uniforms and liveries float only on broken glass
Those authorities, rectangular, in the midst of Meru, triangles mystery
Those with their hands in each others mouth, audience without alchemy
A blossoming in the air, regardless

An enlightened leader by 50 gates
A 3rd assassin appears
joins the others from nowhere
never to be seen again

Beneath a tree of wheels
 where if one does not look down one might trip over horses
 there such a man can find an overlooked key
 by a well traveled road of broken ravioli.

 Birds will fly in curved paths now
 Since that bridge at night with the flying iguanas
Resembling pussywillows that have disintegrated
Fluff your hair
What a tree looks like to itself

An unfortunate dream of the ritual slaughter of Dogs.
 On the crossroads fluid beneath the crust
Their’ doctors walls are presenting mandatory dolphins
Fountains of Soap suds
Bursting in
an aging anger exposes a chest of nothing more than a sagging pentagram

Backlog of various anonymous experiments done at  the center


(after Joseph Beuys)

the silences of John Cage

are overrated


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