Comments on the Novaro Triangle/Lambdoma Bridge

This paper shows the relation ship between Pascal's triangle (or Meru Prastara as it was know in India sometime before).

Page one of lamtri.pdf shows first the triangle and the Lambda.

The Triangle is put together in the process of what is some times called 'freshman sums' where one adds the numerator together and then the same with the denominator.

The Lambda is constructed by adding the terms of the crosset found as the two perpendicular columns to each side.

Pages 3 and 4 are topped by the two triangles the archivist (K.G.) presented to Erv which spawn this paper. The first one below shows a reseeding of the lambdoma that makes the same series. The second gives again a decimal equivalent.

Much of what follows are reseedings and focusing on different equivalences.

~to be continued~

~Comments and Questions Welcome~

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